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Draconic Sanctuary
Mise à jour : 2.2.1476 - 11th Dec 2014

Draconic Sanctuary Revamp

New Guild Techniques will now gradually unlock the following Draconic Sanctuary features:

  • The Chamber: In return for Guild Points retired Military Officers will offer a variety of buffs that are useful in Territory Wars.
  • Dragon God Altar: In return for Guild Points players may get buffs that help with dungeon encounters.
  • Battlefield Transportation Portal: Transports players to an active Territory War the player’s guild or alliance is currently involved in.
  • Guild House Transportation Portal: transports the player to guildmates’ houses and apartments.
  • Training Ground: Test Dummies to test your skills can be found here.

Christmas Events

  • The Silver Dragon Festival has returned!
  • Midas Moonlight: Part 4. The last minigame has arrived, and our second Moon Dragon!
  • The world bosses that follow the Silver Dragon Festival are back to ruin the fun!


Bug Fixes & Changes


  • Adjusted chat window to normal size when it is on screen.
  • Resolved an issue where an item that used Costume Transformation Elixir can’t be placed into repair list.
  • Added Elaris the Enchantress to Dragon Compendium:
  • Fixes for Midas Moonlight:

    • Now, players can’t ride and summon dragons in Dragonbone Survival Game.
    • Now, players can’t manually cancel special skill bar received after entering in Dragonbone Survival Game.
    • Modified slightly  the rules of getting points in Dragonbone Survival Game

  • Fixed the problem that the following commands for Dragon Arena can’t be used: Phantom Vulnerability, Duskreaver Vulnerability, Phantom Tactics, Duskreaver Tactics
  • Laedis

    • Fixed quest ‚Chain Reaction‘, so now mobs won’t leave battle range accidently .

  • Fixed a problem that deleted recipe from recipe list, delete icon would remain on existing recipe so you can delete automatic learning recipe.
  • Fixed the skill combo “Pray to [X]” series where players had the chance to receive double effect. A buff group is now set so players are unable to receive the same buff repeatedly.
  • Add a new sort “Collectable Dragons” under Dragon Compendium.
  • Fixed an issue in Dragon Compendium where the description doesn’t appear correctly.
  • Modified incorrect description of Guardian skill “Leaping Blow”
  • Modified incorrect description of dragon soul skill “Reverberation”
  • Modified Sorcerer skill “Swamp Poo” that cannot correctly be cast on more than one target.
  • “New Hero's Gunblade” weapon appearance was a bow, now corrected to a Gunblade.
  • “Omen Pants” didn’t have texture when equipped in women characters.
  • Fabled Ancient Dragon Evolution skill “Cursed Wind” trigger has been fixed.
  • Fable Ancient Dragon evolution skill “Cursed Wind” description changed to “After the dragon has learned Cursed Wind and casts Healing Wind, a wave of aura will burst out from the dragon, inflicting Cursed Wind status to targets within range. Their healing power will be reduced by % for x seconds.”
  • Paragon Dragon Evolution Skill “Crushing Impact” triggered the wrong effect, now fixed, it will trigger the same effect as described in skill description.
  • Dragon Skill “Thorny Shield” description changed to: When your dragon is being attacked and receives damage, Thorny Shield effect will be triggered to inflict x points of damage to the attacker.
  • At Auction House, when searching for a keyword, clicking ‘Shift’ + clicking backpack item, the item name will go to the search bar.

E impossivel de ser tudo e ainda mais de não ser nada , porque nós podemos fugir a tudo excepto a nós mesmos.

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Draconic Sanctuary
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