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 Closed Beta Launch

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Date d'inscription : 19/06/2014
Localisation : Alsace

MessageSujet: Closed Beta Launch   Dim 16 Juil - 18:44

Closed Beta Launch
Mise à jour : 1.0.1073 - May 18, 2013

New Content

  • Improved the Achievement and Title System

    • Main achievement and the relevant title
    • Adventure achievement
    • Daily PE achievement 

  • The player will now have the ability to jump back onto their feet immediately after they fall on the ground by activating a skill. (Space bar)
  • Implemented a Dragon Summoning Icon for the player to add to their hotbar.
  • New basic enhancement feature - sub-field is changed with 'fusion stone' now.
  • Recipe (Rarity 1 - white) would only craft green equipment. Beyond green recipe (rarity 2) could craft over stage 2 rarities.
  • Dragon equipment now has attributes.
  • Fixed numerous Client crash issues.
  • Increased game performance.


  • Fixed some mastery strings:

    • Guardian: Multiple Sword Aura and Conqueror Stance.
    • Ranger: Master of Survival and Gunblade Mastery.


  • Fixed skill description of "Parry ".
  • Fixed the learn-able level of mastery skill "Purple Meteor” from 35 to 25.
  • Changed the "Slash" Combo skill "Leaping Strike". It will no longer follow the "Bash" skill but now it will be after the "Slash" skill.
  • Fixed an error message when using "Battle Cry"
  • The skill "Battle basic" can now add Triple Strike.
  • Fixed an issue with the effect of "Defense Mastery"
  • Increased Attack power and attack speed of the skill "Berserker".
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding "Defense Mastery", "Guardian"s Flame" and "Berserker" as they were not increasing as intended.


  • Fixed Sorcerer mastery skill "Dimension Rip" 
  • Fixed the "Teleport" effect.
  • Changed "Zero Dimension" Combo Skill "Ice Shard" and "Frost Shatter". They no longer exist in left click skill but in the Zero Dimension skill. 
  • Fixed an issue regarding "Magic Source".
  • Fixed an issue regarding the skill "Perish Star" as it could be casted by a single-handed staff.
  • Fixed an issue that lead to a decrease in damage when using "Perish Star".
  • Fixed tooltip for "Intelligence Aria" and "Magic Source".


  • Reworked the tooltip of "Heavy Blow"
  • Reworked the tooltip of "Nimble Situation"
  • "Agility" will now affect the walking speed when using "Shredding Shot".
  • Characters equipped with a Gun Blade and Shield now has improved animations when being selected in the character selection screen.
  • Rangers will now move slower while attacking.


  • Updated tooltip for "Magic Arrow".
  • Updated tooltip for "Concentration".
  • Modified Oracle combo skill effect "Dark Night Fang ". Originally the speed of recovery only used your Magical Damage, but now it uses both Magical Damage and Natural Damage.


  • Fixed quest reward for accessories that did not bind on equip.
  • Improved the Quest Tracking display by improving packet loss.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to crash when opening a dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Daily Quests to not reset.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Captain of quest" message.
  • Improved the description for the following quests;

    • If one wants to do well
    • Special Material
    • Warrior"s Trial: Strength
    • Hero"s Trial: Wisdom
    • Hero"s Trial: Challenge

  • Fixed a restriction issue for "Fledgling Care"
  • Fixed items rewards for "Fledgling Care"
  • Players can obtain the quest item for;

    • Musical Express Delivery
    • alming Spirits
    • ealing Wounds
    • qua Dragon-like Smile

  • Fixed multiple issues with "Ancient Spirit Servant" in regards to self-destructing.
  • Fixed a dialogue issue with "Youngster"s Hesitation".
  • Removed Blood Bar for "Tahkar Sweet Yams"
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to attack hidden "Corrosive Mud" when in Tahkar Mountain Pass.
  • Reduced HP for PE Boss in Satuma. (Golden Shield)
  • "Save Harry" can now be completed.
  • Fixed an AI issue with "Sharp Claw and Devouring Dragon Blood".
  • Fixed an issue with "Capture Tretton Alive" which caused an NPC to become stuck.
  • Fixed multiple issues upon dying in an instanced area and teleporting the player underground.
  • Updated subtitles in multiple cutscenes.
  • Improved NPC AI for "Unexpected Enemy".
  • Fixed an issue which lead to players crashing when flying into the pit to accept a quest from "Muller Dig" to "The Next Move".
  • Fixed triggering issues with multiple quests.
  • Removed multiple quest items from;

    • Eliminate the Contamination
    • Miracle Cure

Dragons, Dragon Lair & Dragon Stable

  • Fixed an issue when summoning different dragons. 
  • Dragons can now be changed during combat with alt+F1/F2 etc.
  • Modified the following Dragon Soul skills:

    • Angel's Embrace
    • Downpour 
      Life Calling
    • Holy Light 
    • Cure
    • Healing Light  
    • Soul Feast 
    • Lightwell 
    • Revelation  
    • Squama Protection 
    • Shell Protection 

  • Fixed Dragon skill "Current Strike".
  • Fixed an issue that caused messages to appear in Region chat when your Dragon would attack.
  • Dragon Lair attributes now update correctly when using Dragon Equipment
  • Fixed an issue regarding the Dragon Affinity and maximum Taming showing on the interface incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue regarding using the speed boost while jumping on a dragon and it going on CD without activating.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the Skill Display under the Field Training tab showing as Lv0.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the conversation windows not closing when moving or releasing the dragon.
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding the maximum skill levels for dragon skills preventing other skills from scheduling the process.
  • Reworked how Skill Processes are displayed.
  • Players will now be prompted with a message before using the maximum fodder to obtain the next dragon level.
  • Dragon icons have been implemented when releasing a dragon.
  • Messages will now appear when the player has insufficient fodder.
  • Tooltips have been added to abilities within the Dragon Training interface.
  • Fixed an issue with Knowledge Mastery.
  • Taming Level and Dragon Power has been modified.
  • Fixed an issue regarding distributing points in the Dragon Lair.
  • Fixed an issue with the dragon gathering introduction.
  • Dragon Gathering Skills will now increase the yield by 10%/15% for mastery level 1/2.
  • Players will no longer have a casting bar when mounting a dragon that is already summoned.
  • Players will now be knocked off their mount when hit by a mob.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused by clicking on the dragon equipment in the dragon stable and dragon lair.
  • Fixed an error in the "Squama Protection" tooltip.
  • Reworked the tooltip for "Shell Protection"
  • Increased CD of "Blood Pumping" to 28 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug with "Bright Armor" that was increasing Magic Damage instead of Magic Resistance.
  • Increased damage of "Dragon Print Delay".
  • Fixed a display error for "Squama Protection" buff.
  • Fixed the tooltip for "Angel"s Embrace".
  • Fixed an issue with the rare dragon "Bulger".
  • Reduced Gold cost for creating a schedule.
  • "Cyclone" will now deal damage correctly.
  • Dragon"s Attributes will now correctly display such as;

    • Critical Hit Chance
    • Critical Hit Power
    • Physical Damage Reduction
    • Magical Resistance
    • Physical Penetration
    • Magic Penetration

  • Fixed the error message when clicking Taming Fodder. 
  • Fixed an issue when expanding Dragon Stable. If there is a LAG issue which causes the expansion to fail, the spent currency will be restored. 
  • Equipment & Items: 
  • Fixed an error that would show insufficient balance when you have a Basic Strengthening Crystal but no diamonds. 
  • Added the animation for the Attribute Transfer in equipment enhancement. 
  • Fixed a texture of armor Vermillion Flame Linen Trousers 

Dungeons & Instanced Areas

  • Modified dungeon difficulty;
  • o Before: If the level of the dungeon is level 7 and the players is level 5, the mob"s level will be level 5 if you chose the second difficulty.
  • o After: The mobs minimum level will be level 7. 
  • Modified the attack damage of mobs.
  • Fixed waypathing for the boss in Omati Gorge. 
  • Fixed waypathing for the boss in Avanah Omen. 
  • Changed "Omati Gorge Raiding Caravan Bandit" from elite to normal. 
  • Modified "Consus Cave" Boss difficulty and reduced the agro range of small bosses and decreased attack damage. 
  • Modified the power of Arboran Ruins Red-Eared Goblin.
  • Modified starter zone boss levels from 10 to 7. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Avanah Omen Giant in regards to grabbing the player and not letting go. 
  • Changed the revive position in dungeons.
  • Fixed a server crash caused by Ash Catacombs.
  • Fixed multiple string issues when selecting difficulty.
  • Fixed the barrier door in Ash Catacombs.
  • Fixed a trigger point with "Mutant Horn" in Juno Crystal Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible alchemists in "terminator" within Juno Crystal Gallery.
  • Changed "Horned Specklewing Dragon" and "Young Spirehorn Dragon" from elite to normal mobs.
  • Improved effects in "Seething Cave".
  • "Well of Prophecy" will no longer add DOT damage during movement but will now reduce movement by 10% and reduce AP per second.
  • Improved AOE and attack frequency of "Moraku".
  • Reduced damage of "Breath Attack" for the "Vicious Raptor Dragon".
  • Reduced NPC"s HP from 30% to 15% in difficulty 1 dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some bosses to be killed in 1 attack in the harder difficulty settings.
  • "Gaze of Undead Dragon" will now play death animation correctly when summoning mobs.
  • Fixed an issue that caused no items to drop when in adventure zones.
  • Fixed the debuff in "Consus" and "Seething Cave" to be removed after the next attack.
  • Low level difficulties will now display correctly when searching for a party.
  • Adjusted price for equipment over level 30.
  • Changed the amount of Gold given for a quest.
  • Reduced price of Transportation Center fee.
  • Adjusted the reward for party achievements and daily PE events.
  • Ekane Atlus" in Dunar Temple has had its AI improved along with the AOE skills.

Guilds & Leagues

  • Guilds can only edit a single line in the League interface now.
  • Removed "Leave League" from the portrait menu.
  • "Lyar brotherhood Receptionist" will now show on the map.
  • Added "Lyar Brotherhood Clerk" in Hunak Tavern.
  • Added "Lyar Brotherhood Clerk" in Siberna.

Title System & Achievements

  • Players will no longer need to re-log to receive rewards.
  • Added time related achievements. (Day, Week, Month)
  • Fixed the description of "Pride of the Osira"
  • Fixed PE achievement;

    • Star of Puresha
    • Star of Laedis
    • Star of Satuma
    • Star of Wynnadia
    • Star of Korhala

Equipment & Items

  • Price of "Invocation Orb" reduced.
  • Fixed multiple localization issues regarding the different food ingredients.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the enhancement of LV1 equipment.
  • Fixed an issue causing the player"s body to disappear when wearing;

    • Skett protective jacket
    • Laubianc Jockstrap
    • Annhilating Dill Pants
    • Lutto Tunic
    • Latinop Robe
    • Terls Tunic
    • Rhythm Greaves
    • Payne Wizard Pants + Scythe

  • Fixed an issue with the Armor Merchant in Arteicia selling the wrong goods.
  • Fixed some equipment which displayed the required class incorrectly.
  • Adjusted the formula of Healing Power on equipment;

    • Single Heal will add the Healing Power directly
    • HOTs will be Healing Power/Healing times (The minimum is 1)

Crafting & Extraction

  • Increased success rate to extract a recipe during the extraction process.
  • The extraction rate for a Green Recipe from a White Recipe changed to 5%.
  • Bonus crafting material from enhanced equipment has dropped from 100% drop rate to 60%.
  • The level of "extracted Invocation Orb" must be higher than the equipment.
  • Players will now be dismounted from dragon when attempting to craft.
  • Fixed an issue regarding crafting and extracting at the same time.
  • Improved names for production items.
  • Added "Available Recipe" to the crafting list.
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding incorrect displaying of "Bound on Pickup".
  • Fixed a bug that was showing the wrong rarity of advanced recipes when extracting.


  • Adjusted mobs physical defense, magical defense and HP.
  • Reduced the HP of "Greenarm Wanderer" (lv32).
  • Reduced HP of "Glutton Guapapa" from 130% to 105%
  • Reduced HP of "Guapapa"s Beloved Pig" from 130% to 105%
  • Reduced HP of "Wet Hoof Raider" and "Wet Hoof Witch Doctor".
  • "Raiding Marauder" will not use all of their skills in combat.
  • Fixed arrow speeds and hitbox detection for archer-type mobs.
  • Improved AI for ranged mobs.
  • "Aquan Dragon" will no longer float in the sky.
  • "Shax Trainer" will now use all of its skills during combat.
  • "War Pig" will not correctly disappear once killed.
  • Fixed an issue regarding "Ambush the Camp of the Mudtooth Trolls" PE Event.
  • Fixed the PE Event "The Financial Power of the Droan Mines".
  • Level 20-24 mobs will drop potions with the correct level.
  • Increased skinning rate of Dragon"s Scale.
  • Fixed the positioning of armor on the "Horned Bristleback Dragon".
  • 'Hard Horn beetle" will no correctly drop items when killed.

Color Mixer

  • Color Panel will be moved with the character interface.


  • Fixed the Shard fusion interface as it did not display the price. 
  • Fixed the value of a Shard to display as a decimal.


  • Fixed the display error for German and French language.


  • Modified the value of the spell to be a decimal. 
  • Added marketplace item string. 
  • Moved the price of an Item in its tooltip to the left side. (Previously on the right)


  • Added tooltips to the items during the loot roll. 
  • Modified the group member name display issue. (The name will now disappear when you make a group with a person you never met) 
  • Fixed an issue regarding multiple messages upon adding a player.

Auction House

  • Expanded the search scope of the Auction House.
  • Fixed a crash when using the Auction House.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the "Search" feature.

Other Mechanics and Interface

  • Fixed black screen issue when login. 
  • Fixed deleted character cannot be restored issue. 
  • Fixed black screen which was caused by players without the client.ini file. 
  • Added group mate number in both world map and mini map. 
  • Fixed player icon arrow direction on the minimap to show the current direction. 
  • Fixed the error that default display setting was set to the minimum display mode. 
  • Removed the hyperlink of the spell name under combat record (combat channel) 
  • Zone names now appear when you record a position by using the transport book. 
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from using "Translocation" within a dungeon.
  • Extra bonus from the Title system. 
  • Fixed syncing issues with Crafting EXP. 
  • Fixed the display error for the amount of quest items in the Quest tracking system. 
  • Fixed the failed issue when receiving a title from an achievement. 
  • Fixed female mining animation. 
  • Decreased the gold reward for the guild achievement. 
  • Added a smoother animation at the end of a sprint. 
  • Improved character sync with the server to prevent rubber-banding.
  • Players will now continue to glide upon hitting an object.
  • Dodging will no longer consume AP.
  • Added more battle sound effects. 
  • Fixed an overlap issue for multiple cooldowns such as potions, fodder, Demon Realm Flute of Merchant and the repair hammer. 
  • Fixed a description issue for potions, food and fodder. 
  • Fixed the issue that speed potion could not be stacked. 
  • Fixed the quest "Hermit Bat". 
  • Reduce the amount of mobs that have knockdowns. 
  • Increased CD time of some crowd control skills for some mobs. 
  • Fixed the boss respawn in Omati Gorge and Avanah Omen. 
  • Fixed Thundereous Ragewing Dragon King skill "Tornado Breath". AOE range has decreased and Boss attack speed has been reduced. 
  • Decreased Boss attack speed for Dragon Slayer and the boss in Omati Gorge. 
  • Modified dragon soul skill dropping. Dragon skills dropping rate:once players tamed the dragon, the dragon will obtain at least  3 dragon skills. 
  • The system will now properly refresh the player's diamond count after clicking on the Marketplace. 
  • Added new sound effect and special effect in equipment enhancement. 
  • Players will obtain a special title after taming a rare dragon. If the player has already tamed that dragon, they will only need to summon that dragon to obtain this title. 
  • Modified the respawn time for the thief goblin to 900 seconds. 
  • Added sound effects for when accepting a quest, finishing a quest, and entering PE. 
  • Added an icon to titles under the achievement interface. 
  • Fixed a Crafting Interface string that overlapped the “Start Crafting” button and Recipe List. 
  • Fixed the Refinement Interface string overlap bug of the “Start Crafting” button 
  • Changed the cost of creating a Guild. 
  • Fixed an issue regarding teammates not properly showing on the minimap. 
  • Upon right clicking on a player, the text "Invite to join a Guild" is now present. 
  • The Marauders in Kleios Sanctum now respawn in 180 seconds. 
  • Fixed an issue that made players sometimes get stuck in 'Character is saving'. 
  • The player will no longer get stuck in the wall after rolling in to it.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to drop through the ground.
  • Fixed multiple RENA Application crashes. 
  • Fixed an issue that while using a Catalyst and diamonds, it would show that you had insufficient Diamonds. 
  • Refinement - currently can only put one type of Synthesis. Also, you can only put one Synthesis.
  • Changed flash effect in attribute transformation and transfer. 
  • Improved dragon AI.
  • Fixed an issue regarding LUA.
  • Players will now receive a message if the Frontier is not open.
  • If a player logs out during death, they will be revived after logging back in. 
  • Fixed a bug that caused the death effect to persist through death.
  • You can no longer extract while mounted.
  • Food can no longer be consumed during combat.
  • Fixed the abnormal shape of some female models.
  • Fixed a crash regarding the Friend Interface
  • Fixed collision issues regarding weapons clipping through the head.
  • Players are unable to spring when under 50% stamina.
  • "Leap" will now have a quicker animation.
  • Fixed multiple string issues regarding being fatigued, knocked down, exhausted etc.

E impossivel de ser tudo e ainda mais de não ser nada , porque nós podemos fugir a tudo excepto a nós mesmos.

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Closed Beta Launch
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